Message from The President

Message from Christina Chan
Assunta Alumni President

Good evening everyone.

Thank you for this humbling opportunity to serve you as President of the Assunta Alumni 2017.

Here’s a brief introduction of myself; I am Christina Chan from Class of 1977. I am a mother of two lovely daughters who are also ex-Assuntarians. I worked in Public Bank for 13 years before I retired early to dedicate my time to nurturing my children.

I was one of the pioneers of the AA upon its inception in 1999 and was the treasurer for the first 10 years. My passion for the AA and the Assunta school has never faded through the years. I have been a SEWO mentor for more than 15 years, coming into contact with past and present pupils as well as their teachers.

I am currently serving on both the school boards of Assunta (i.e. Board of Governors and Board of Managers) and have been doing so for the past 16 years.

At the recent Board meeting, some issues were raised; one of it being the recent SPM results which revealed how badly our pupils are coping. This is only just one example. Given this opportunity to serve you, I would first like to address these issues by working alongside the PIBG and the school.

My vision for the AA is to bring together past and present pupils; to show, guide and care, in order that pupils who need help will learn how to cope with challenges. Our mission as the AA is to build a Foundation in order to spearhead various programmes which would help to address the difficulties faced by some of our pupils. Indeed we are living in challenging times.

For us to succeed and to help the present pupils, we need to be of one mind, united in thought and purpose. The current issues faced cannot be solved by the President’s vision alone. The AA committee cannot achieve this remotely without you. We welcome members who have a passion to help and are willing to commit their time, talent and energy as we embark on our programmes. There is no room for indifferences because time is of the essence.

I would like to thank the outgoing AA committee for all their effort these past two years. And now that the baton has been passed to us as the new committee, I continue to place my trust in God, who will help us raise the bar and carry it to new heights. Upon completion of our tenure, my committee and I pledge to oversee a smooth handover of established programmes to our successors.

Today, your votes reflects our school’s motto; To truth through charity, as one. Since the inception of the AA, we acknowledge that our sojourn has been long and we have grown and fought through difficulties with our indifferences.

I would like to introduce the newly elected Alumni Committee of 2017-2019:

  • President – Christina Chan (1977)
  • Vice President – Angeline Koit (1987)
  • Treasurer – Marianne Rozario (1976)
  • Secretary – Razlin Dawina (1995)

Committee Members:

  • Yap Su Lin, Tina (1984)
  • Noremilia Zaidun (1991)
  • Chrishanne Sebastiampillai (1994)
  • Mirosha Somasundram (2010)*
  • Yeoh Tjean Nee (1989)
  • Tanya Ding (2011)
  • Immediate Past President (IPP): Deborah Fiona Nonis (1982)

Once again, thank you for your vote of confidence. I look forward to meeting, serving and working with all of you.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Chan
Class of 1977

* This message was originally sent to Assunta Yahoogroups via email on 27 March 2017. Mirosha Somasundram has since regretfully resigned from the committee due to work commitments. Her position has been replaced by Maghrib Chwee Abdullah, who was voted in at the last AGM on 24 March 2018.